To begin a search, start typing an owner name, address, property real id number or PIN number into the search box. As you type a table of suggested results will drop down.

Click on the result that you were searching for, and the map will pan to the parcel and information about the parcel will display in the area on the left of the screen.

This includes relevant parcel information, as well as supplemental information about voting, schools, zoning, permits and other county services.

There are numerous links to other webpages with additional information. You can also click on a parcel in the map to select it and display the property information about it.

Map Layers

Switch from the parcel basemap to the aerial imagery view by using the map switch buttons. You can also turn off and on selected layers in the layer drop-down list .

Map Outputs

Use the Print Map and Open Report buttons to create useful maps and reports about a selected parcel.

The Print Map button will open a quick map that contains selected information a parcel, while the Open Report button creates a very detailed report about a parcel.

Map Navigation

For more assistance call the Cabarrus County Help Desk at 704-920-2154 or email us.